OSIM Sundown 2019 Review

There are plenty of reasons to love the event, one of them being you get to avoid the typical Singaporean heat when you do a night run. Read this OSIM Sundown 2019 review to decide if you want to sign up for next year’s.

Since the Standard Chartered Marathon is becoming an evening race, the organizing team of OSIM Sundown may find themselves against tougher competition. Especially when this year’s has drawn flak until the organizers are coming out to apologize for the hiccups.

Having done a half marathon this time, I agree with the majority of issues that other runners point out. That is, insufficient water, congested routes, late flag-off by close to an hour.

Here are my observations about 2019’s OSIM Sundown Marathon.

1. Goodie Bag Contains Practical Stuff

Admittedly feels emptier than some years. It has the discount coupons for OSIM massage chairs, the singlet and bib.

One refreshing change is that Eagle Brand or Tiger Balm muscle rub samples are gone. In their place, it’s 2 sizes of Salonpas medicated plasters this time.

During the race, I only remember 2 stations with pain relief products. I went for the one at Marina Barrage, 3km from the finish line. It’s a spray version, with barely noticeable effects.

2. Problematic Race Route

Having run into the rising sun last year, I decided this year is going to be a less taxing one.

Still, there were indeed many bottlenecks along the running route. Where usually the route will clear up when runners have settled in to their pace, there were too many spots where 2 people will take up the whole width of the running route.

Especially felt running on the roads that have been cordoned off for runners. It was when running back into town, and along the route to OCBC arena that the squeeze almost becomes intolerable.

3. Ambience A Notch Lower

In past running events, I remember arriving at the race village to the sound of upbeat music and the presence of the emcee over the music to pump up the spirits of the participants.

This year’s Sundown was missing a bit of the electric atmosphere.

Maybe it’s because I came at the time of the movie screening. Black Panther was showing in an outdoor movie setting at a corner of the village.

No signs of the emcees until the long delay at the flag-off pen.

Is the movie for the supporters of the runners? So are the stalls that sell food a little more like Singapore food festival, again more suitable for supporters.

I was looking forward to have a beer, like how Brewerkz was present at the Spartan Race last year.


Having run enough events, I finally encountered my first one where the threat of rain went from real to actually happening.

The ground became slippery as the rain got heavier at the Art Science Museum. While the light shower helps re-energize the fatigued muscles, it dampens morale and fear that the downpour may ruin the race in the last 3km.

Without having to endure a whole night of run/walking, the overall experience of a Sundown run is still enjoyable. That’s because you successfully run in the absence of the merciless sun beaming its rays through your skin.

The scenic route along Gardens by the Bay, the elevated view of the city from the Sheares Bridge, the iconic Singapore skyline seen on foot… These create moments that take your breath away.

You could be cycling, road tripping, e-scootering for all I care.

But nothing quite matches up to the exhilaration of setting your foot down, step by step on your home ground and feeling your heart beat to the rhythm of the city.

I hope this OSIM Sundown 2019 review has helped you see a clearer picture of what it’s like. Now see the actual pictures of the event: