Creating A Creative Space

Here’s the always updated list of ideas to remind myself, and you who’s reading this, that we are all creative. Taking inspiration from Denise Jacobs in this LinkedIn Learning course.

12 Feb 2021

  1. Instruction video for bluesg users 
  1. Superglue nozzle that doesn’t clog 
  1. Rechargeable batteries that self-drain the last bit before charging 
  1. Fireworks in your area notifications 3 minutes prior 
  1. Sweat-proof tempered glass protectors 
  1. Musical feeding bowl for toddler 
  1. Sockets that twist to lock plugs in place 
  1. Bus with travellator floor moving towards the back 
  1. Velcro that sell only the soft part 
  1. Motion charged bluetooth headphones 

13 Feb 2021

  1. Goggles with colour feedback to identify exact musical note you’re hearing 
  1. Usb chargeable cooling wearable sleeves 
  1. Wearable swimming pool around the head 
  1. Instant rust removal solution 
  1. Creak-proof joints on chairs 
  1. On-screen overlay of what keys fingers are hovering vs backlit keyboard 
  1. Calendar reminder of expiry dates of food bought from online grocer 
  1. Universal reviews by product brand for transparency and less rigging 
  1. Chat bot automatically emails chat log, escalates and gets human to respond 
  1. Home electricity consumption full visibility  

14 Feb 2021 

  1. NFC reader on laptops to allow phone payments 
  1. Virus detection instead of symptom detection  
  1. Coating that neutralizes virus on masks before inhale 
  1. Pair shopping trolley to your mobile phone, follow you till you’re done auto return 
  1. Vegetarian bak kwa 
  1. Chiro tool kit (foam roller, massage gun, neck hammock) 
  1. Mood meter before social media newsfeed loads 
  1. Auto car slow down when bumper sensor is within 50m of obstacle  
  1. Non-destructive super glue remover 
  1. Screws that don’t require tools to adjust 

15 Feb 2021 

  1. Smart TV that lets computer extend screen without Chromecast/AppleTV 
  1. Airbag for mobile phone drops 
  1. Built-in magnetic attachment for handsfree mobile phone usage 
  1. Diaper soil level to alert changing time 
  1. Vitals monitor to skip the need for manually entering water intake and food pictures to fitness app 
  1. Shopping app that grabs all items from picture of recipe list and adds to cart 
    Cont’d 19 Feb 2021 
  1. Guitar that changes tuning according to your song choice 
  1. Rust proof parts for instruments exposed to air 
  1. Hydrophobic coating but for dust 
  1. Headphones that cover the ear but doesn’t make ears sweat 

20 Feb 2021 

  1. Live Zoom translation captions identifying language correctly 
  1. Biometric password-free access to web services 
  1. Chair that can raise according to your exact need with hard limit 
  1. Phone cameras auto process image to reduce file size keeping high resolution 
  1. Storage box with configurable Velcro compartments 
  1. Leak proof alkaline batteries 
  1. Monitor that tracks eye movement and blurs out area that eye isn’t seeing to help focus 
  1. Instant remedy to insect bites on skin 
  1. Travellators for cars entering car park to automatically guide them to empty lot 
  1. Next gen pointing device so tracking is not affected by surface material 

21 Feb 2021 

  1. Hair gel instant wash off 
  1. Keyboard that charges by typing motion 
  1. Monitor that can stretch and shrink in size according to needs 
  1. Adapter to power camera from external power 
  1. Goggles that make Wifi, mobile, bluetooth signal visible 

Cont’d 23 Feb 2021

  1. Utensil rack with shorter compartment for smaller size cousins 
  1. Faster efficient hair dryer that doesn’t use hot air to dry hair 
  1. Bicycle with seat that does not hurt butt 
  1. Cashless payment for street hail taxis without surcharges 
  1. OS updates that tells you what it will break through a scan before installing