Oasia Hotel Novena Review

There are 4 Oasia properties in Singapore, from 2021. This Oasia Hotel Novena review takes you to the one near Tan Tock Seng hospital.

First impressions of this hotel is that it feels more like a serviced apartment, much like the one in Kuala Lumpur. It is thankfully, more walkable from Novena MRT station. While we would want to stay in the room to enjoy the comfort most the time, the hotel stay came with a FunVee tour of the city.

Location of Oasia Hotel Novena

It takes 2 minutes to reach the hotel according to Maps. The actual walk felt a little longer than that, through the maze of underground tunnels. The most convenient path to the hotel is in fact from the MRT, as there is an entrance to Oasia directly from the station.

Novena is more a place for offices and residences, making it an unlikely location for tourists to want to stay here. That said, it is very near the shopping area of Orchard, without being as crowded.

Comfort of Oasia Hotel Novena

The theme of the interior is nature, using rocks and timber wood to feel like a restoration within the concrete structure. It does feel relaxing being there in the embrace of nature.

I can imagine doctors from out of town attending trainings at Tan Tock Seng hospital to stay at Oasia because of the proximity to each other.

Or, family members of patients that do not want to stay at the hospital can be comfortable while being able to make daily visits with ease.

Getting a room on the 12th floor, it offers an average view of buildings outside. Maybe if the flooring was higher, then we can see further. Not the best way to enjoy the settee on the window ledge.

Facilities-wise, this Oasia Hotel Novena review looked at both the swimming pool and the gym.

The swimming pool is a breath of fresh air from the usual tiled flooring, using timber floorboards instead to make it feel like an extended sauna underneath your feet. It is also less hot under the sun as it doesn’t absorb that much heat.

The gym has basic equipment – treadmill, cycling machine and weights station. It can still fit 3 treadmills, which is very decent by any measure. Less chance of having to wait for someone to finish.

Service at Oasia Hotel Novena

There is a mobile phone for people from out of the country so they can still contact others and use the internet.

For throwing in the FunVee trip in, this makes the guest feel more welcome especially if they are visiting Singapore. There was a shuttle bus to take us from the door step of the hotel right to the boarding location at the Singapore Flyer.


This Oasia Hotel Novena review is the first one among the rest in Singapore. It gives a restful break as it’s not near busy spots such as the neighbouring Orchard area. For working from hotel, this can give you a good place to focus especially if you live in the area and happen to be disturbed by renovation from your neighbours.

For a staycation redeeming your SRV vouchers, you will enjoy the pool that has a round jacuzzi, though it may be closed temporarily.