Raintree Hotel Review

[Permanently closed in Nov 2020] This Raintree Hotel review helps manage your expectations, amidst the shockingly low to above average ratings on travel sites. Find out for yourself here.

Our family of 3 spent the 2019 National Day holiday in the idyllic vicinity of Changi, doing this Raintree Hotel review. To our pleasant surprise, despite looking for a staycation spot really late, it has available rooms.

Reviews were mixed from people I know, with a colleague telling me that it’s not a good idea to bring our baby there.

“You mean you don’t know, it’s where the old Changi hospital is?”

Never one to fear what others fear, I decided to proceed, thinking that we couldn’t be the only ones to have brought a 3 month old infant there.

Let me clarify in my Raintree Hotel review, some of the gripes from travelers are valid. Colonial building aside, even our ailing HDB flats have the upgrading program to add elevators to the structure.

The poor travelers who have huge suitcases will be in for a nasty shock to find that they need to carry their things up the stairs.

Then again, the target market for this hotel seems to be locals, looking to get away from city life.

So be wise, pack minimally. That said, they were cordial enough to let us park our stroller by the concierge. More on the service later.

Location Review

While the name of the hotel is creatively stylized as Raintr33, it may do them a disservice when it comes to being found easily.

The intention is to help you remember the address is 33 Hendon Road, where it’s sitting with open arms to welcome you.

Granted that is a clever play on the name to let the place stand out, it may in reality confuse users trying to find it online.

By word of mouth, people will hear it as “raintree”, and they will go on to perform an online search to find a hotel located in Chennai instead.

The postal code of 509673 unfortunately doesn’t end with 33 either.

Good thing our cabbie managed to find the hotel with relative ease. We had some trouble entering the hotel, as it required the staff inside to raise the gantry for us.

For our entry, no one did that so we pushed the stroller from outside. Only upon leaving did we know they could do that.

Comfort Review

The room and the level of comfort redeemed the experience of having to lug the bags up the flight of stairs, and having to walk in from outside the compound.

What stands out from the stay here is the sense of calm you get once you close the door and settle yourself down.

For people living in apartments by the main road, it can simply mean the absence of mini motorcycle gangs revving up a cacophonous nuisance.

The door doesn’t have to be sturdy, and it isn’t. But hey, who’s going to sneak into your room in a secluded area far from other houses, right beside the commando camp?

By virtue of being able to look over the balcony and seeing the parade square of Hendon camp, it should make evil of all sorts think twice before misbehaving.

For a room walkabout to complete the Raintree Hotel review experience, see the video at the end of the post to get a better feel of what it’s like spending a night here.

We requested for a baby cot, and the baby seems to enjoy her tummy time in an unfamiliar bed:

As for the adults, we enjoyed the peace and quiet of the environment, and large bed to get some elusive sleep.

You’ll be glad to know that you are not limited to the food options in the area. Aside from the Red Beret, where we have our breakfast, you have the Coastal Settlement that’s 140m away.

We ordered Grabfood so we can enjoy hawker food from Changi Village. The delivery person brought the food all the way to the lobby.

Only the stairs stand between you and a feast minus the smell of BBQ food on your clothes. One person has to bite the bullet and go down for the enjoyment of all.

Service Review

Under the guise of a resort style facade, you’d be playing it right if you expect the service crew to be more laid back. Like no one is in a hurry for anything, if you’re not.

That’s fine, because we really did come here to get away. So less human interaction goes well in this setting.

The reality you’re heading for is mostly on-demand service, please initiate what you need. And give ample response time.

You really help yourself mostly.

Help yourself in the hotel because you can’t sound the horn to open the gantry. Help yourself bring the bags up. Help yourself to the swimming pool just beside the hotel itself.

Help yourself wind down the blinds at the balcony if the sunset is getting to you.

This screenshot shares something in common with my experience, minus rowdy guests:

Where I really need the service, it was to send a baby cot up. Something they did when we asked again upon check in.

Since the room doesn’t have a fixed phone with the reason of not disturbing you during your holiday, the only way to reach someone is by a WhatsApp contact number printed on a card.

You may want to add the number: 9618 2802 ahead of time.

For an accurate sense of the service, take a look at the screenshots for response time and the multiple probes in order to get something.

Yup, room 311 means there is a fate worse than walking up to the second floor for your staycation.

At least, we got everything we wanted to make the staycation a successful getaway from city life, with baby in tow no less.

And, the staff at the counter are actually more friendly than the tone used in written communication. That can be assuring if service means a lot to you.


Wrapping up this Redtree Hotel review, it is similar to AVANI Sepang for a peaceful feeling. You can go back to city life feeling more recharged.

To our delight, we checked out the next day without any mosquito bites on us or the little one, even though we’re arguably living in a forested area.

Even though it’s just in Singapore, I must acknowledge the bold move to operate away from the ecosystem that city dwellers want: malls, fast food restaurants, amenities like gyms and cinemas.

It makes the experience one that I won’t mind re-visiting. It’s more cozy than a chalet, has more character than a holiday bungalow, yet not basic like a shipping container.

For a piece of real history, a family with a hands-on approach to things without expecting to be served every step along the way, you may just find yourself seeing the allure of this boutique hotel.