Spartan Race Singapore 2017 Review

If you ever wondered whether Singaporean males are grateful for having National Service to kickstart a lifetime of dedication to fitness, this Spartan Race Singapore 2017 review may just give you a hint.

Throughout the 5km sprint route with all the people who challenged themselves to clear all 20 obstacles, I made quick allies and felt the oft-mentioned spirit of Spartan helping Spartan.

To help you prepare yourself for the next Spartan race, here are the top 5 tips you’ll want to know before heading to the start line.

1) Gloves Help You Clear Many Obstacles Involving Ropes

At this race, there were at least 3 obstacles that need you to have a good grip on the rope before you can do anything. After crawling through many mud spas, you’re not going to have a good grip using your bare hands.

2) Hydrate Just To Wet Your Lips

There were many unhappy Spartans at the first water point. The water point ran out of water by 1pm, and the race was going on for many hours more. While it’s not good for thirsty runners who may incur heat injuries, you won’t want to gorge yourself on water either.

Right after downing 2 cups at the second water point, there was the triple set of barb wires to clear. While the tummy crawl worked for the first set, the next 2 proved to be too taxing to do that. Trust the organizers to keep the obstacle layout a secret from the racers.

After switching to the rolling style, things went downhill rapidly from there. The rolling created a strong sense of nausea that refuses to go away. Though the lunch was almost digested, something had to eject before I could continue.

3) Sunglasses May Be Your Best Friend

The first set of burpees came at the swinging rings. While I wished for a longer arm span, I might still not make it even if my wish came true.

That’s because after grabbing at the ring, I realized that something kept flying into my eyes. Dried grass or something similar, so I can’t see where I’m swinging towards. In addition to gloves, sunglasses or shades will be your best friend.

4) Ask For Help From Spartans Hanging Around

There comes a point when you look around and all you see are muddied and weary faces. When you’re stuck at an obstacle and you need help, you almost feel bad for making someone who looks so tired out to give you a boost so you can proceed.

Make it easier for people to help you by doing your part. Instead of expecting someone to fully lift you up to an obstacle, offer to jump first and then they’ll give you a slight push to finish the job.

That way, you don’t drain more energy from others than you need to.

5) Wait For The Person In Front To Clear Before Rushing Ahead

I was caught at the top of a high obstacle because the person in front hasn’t started her descent.

If you do not wish to lie on your belly precariously balancing to avoid a fall, give the person ahead more time to clear before going ahead.

So here’s a taste of what Singaporeans are spending $108 on. I took on additional debt after the race – owing 120 burpees because I was not in the physical condition to do them today.

Here’s an initiation to Spartan Races, and a huge AROO to the athletes who were part of it.

Watch the Blair Witch Project full playlist of videos taken from Spartan Race Singapore 2017.


spartan race singapore 2017 review sg

Nifty way to generate demand for new shoes.

spartan race singapore 2017 review sg

Wanted to tell the time, but I couldn’t.

spartan race singapore 2017 review sg

Note to future self, never do a Spartan Race after drinks night.

spartan race singapore 2017 review sg

All is said and done, till the next one lads.

spartan race singapore 2017 review sg

The texture of the ground best describes today’s race – rough.