W39 Bistro Review Hidden at West Coast Road

A little cafe in an unassuming neighbourhood. Read this W39 Bistro review to unlock your next exciting brunch destination.

Along the way to experience the swimming pools using ActiveSG credits, we marked this cafe along the way to Jurong West swimming complex.


W39 Cafe came as a recommendation from food blogs, so we decided to go out of the way to eat there.

Not a friendly location if you’re used to walking distances from MRT stations.

From Clementi MRT, you’ll have to take bus 78 for 3 stops to reach. You will wait longingly at the traffic light waiting for it to change colour before crossing over to the cafe.

There is a positive way to look at things, and that is less crowds. Especially when you have to go out of your way to arrive here.

The journey might just be worth it. Let’s see how it fares in terms of food.

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What other brunch can detract from the thick hollandaise sauce and tangy lemon sauce to jolt your senses awake through the tastebuds?

Let the close up of the images convince you that the quality is up to standard, since it comes on strong recommendations:


W39 looks like a good fit for the hipster cafe enclave in Tiong Bahru.

And it will hold its own among the landscape of industrial, Victorian and cottage styles of decor over there.

With its rustic chic colour combination, you’ll first learn to take your mind away from the usual concrete jungle that you live in 5 days a week.

You’ll find that other patrons are couples looking to chill the day away.

Either couples or couples on double dates.

It’s a nice place for westies to spend time, as an alternative to Sunset Way for its ice cream cafe.


This cafe is good for car owners, you should have no difficulty finding a lot in this rather private area in West Coast/Clementi.

It provides a relaxing place for you to sit down and sip your cuppa in the comfort of air-con.

Not for people watching because the human traffic will not be high as the malls.

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