Citrus Hotel Review

In the spirit of exploring what accommodation options there are within walking distance of the customs checkpoint, this Citrus Hotel Review helps you get a sneak peek at the room.

When a day in JB is not enough, you’d want to check in for a good night’s rest before heading back to Singapore the next day. That’s when you may think of the Citrus Hotel, review is with video of the room.

You can head back when the customs jam is cleared.

This hotel came into our radar when we binged on too many movies at City Square Mall, making it a good idea to spend the night there.

With newer establishments like Baguss City Hotel, it’s going to be a tough sell before they renovated.

Location of Citrus Hotel

The location of Citrus Hotel itself is very walkable from City Square Mall. There’s a overhead linkway from the mall directly across the road to where the hotel is.

However, the linkway doesn’t connect to the hotel. You have to get back to ground level to access the hotel entrance.

And along the way, pass by some convenience stores to pick up some snacks to bring back to your room.

Magnum is always a good idea, though the flavours just launched in Singapore are not available there.

JB is not known for giving people the safest of feeling as tourists.

The dimly lit streets are testament to why people don’t feel secure. Even though the hotel is beside the shopping mall, you feel a slight disconnect from the nicely renovated mall to the streets.

Just like going further from your wireless router will give you a weaker signal to access the net, that’s the feeling I get the further I walk from the mall.

But at the end of the day, fears were unfounded as we could make it back to our room without fanfare.

It’s a 3-minute walk according to Google maps.


It’s relaxing to step into the room, after a brief walk that proved to be a contrast between the mall and the hotel.

There’s a hint of a theme in our room, blue colour interior with matching mosaic tiled headboard. It brings back a sense of nostalgia with things I’d associate with grandma.

Thankfully the nostalgia doesn’t translate into old and falling apart. The room is decent, with the generous room size giving a spacious living area.

What could be better is if the blinds actually open up to a view of the city. Unfortunately, this side of the hotel didn’t afford much of a view.


Since we ended the day pretty late, I wasn’t expecting much service I’d require from the front desk.

I was wrong.

Toothbrushes were missing from the washroom, so I had to call the front desk to make my request.

Along with that, the hair dryer is also a rare item. You have to ask for these to be sent up to your room. Seems it’s a known thing with them.

This gave me a chance to see how prompt their service is, and they have met the standards by delivering the goods up towards the end of my video walkabout.


With newer hotels such as Baguss and Hotel CIQ nearby, it’s going to be tough to call this a strong recommendation.

One thing that the other hotels doesn’t have, is a coffee shop beside the hotel entrance.

If having local food is your thing, and you want a more authentic feeling outside the malls, then this may be a plus for you.

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Citrus Hotel contact: +60 7 222 2888

The address is: 16 Jalan Station
80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia