Baguss City Hotel Review

Cheap and good – the main draw of Baguss City Hotel. Find out why I recommend this JB hotel that’s just across the road from JBCC.

Without realizing it, we have slowly but surely tried out many hotels within walking distance from the customs checkpoint including this Baguss City Hotel review. The reason behind the stay this time was largely unexpected.

We certainly weren’t looking to find a luxurious stay like DoubleTree JB, or a fun stay near Legoland.

In fact, there was a practical purpose for our stay. We were buying things for our home. While the ID has made recommendations for appliances and furnishing, the best value for lighting pointed us in the direction of JB.

The plan was to spend a night there first, after all that hassle at the customs. Then head on to take our own sweet time to buy the lighting over at Tampoi over 2 days.

Enter Baguss City Hotel as a decent choice for us. Read on for the review of this surprisingly good find.

Baguss City Hotel Location

Baguss City Hotel comes across as a top choice for location, comparable to Hotel CIQ at Jalan Trus.

Unlike Hotel CIQ, there’s no slope to climb up before reaching. It’s all flat terrain save for some stairs from the customs checkpoint to JBCC.

In fact, you cut through JBCC, cross the road past Morganfield’s Zenith and the water fountains to the main entrance.

Great feeling to find ribs just below your crib.

According to maps, it takes 3 minutes to reach there from City Square Mall.

On top of this convenient location for pedestrians, another great thing about this place is that it qualifies for free shuttle service to Bangkok Spa as it’s within the city centre.

More on this later.


Compared to Citrus Hotel, the Baguss City Hotel has bigger windows, clocking in at half-height.

That’s pretty decent to get a view of the city.

There’s more effort in the interior styling to colour up the space, giving it a contemporary feel once you step in.

There’s a basic work space if you want to do stuff, at the desk that can fit one person with a laptop. We used it to put our drinks, then promptly turned on the TV.

And the signal, though pretty flaky from the picture, is still clearer than what we got at Citrus Hotel.

So even though both hotels are equally matched in walking distance, I guess you won’t have much return value to Citrus if this hotel has vacancy.


For a price tag of SGD 43.70 for a night, we weren’t expecting anything other than someone to check us in, run us through the basic do’s & don’ts, collect the deposit and tax from us and give us the Wifi password.

Imagine my delight when I saw that there’s actually decent food for breakfast.

Though the carbs were generous, there’s still the eggs and sausages that make for a satisfactory meal.

On top of the breakfast service, the only other service we enjoyed during this trip is the pick-up service provided by Bangkok Spa.

Though it’s a mere 3km, it was a chore to haggle with cab drivers to get there. Good thing the massage service also provides free shuttle bus to pick up customers from their hotel lobby.

Baguss City Hotel concierge did let us deposit our bags at their counter to do our shopping, and come back for it after we’re done.


To sum up this Baguss City Hotel review, I’d say that this is comfortable stay for walking distance from the customs checkpoint.

At an affordable price that even includes breakfast, it gives great value for people with a task at hand.

For us, it was to spend 2 days in JB.

Day 1 to window shop at Tampoi and its neighbour Starworld Lighting to narrow down the lighting that we want for our home.

Day 2 to go back there after a night of deliberation and pick up the stuff that we want to bring back to Singapore with us.

To enjoy your stay there even more, consider bringing your own device with HDMI cable to hook up to the TV so you can watch Netflix or YouTube on a bigger screen.

Amenities wise, there really isn’t anything but you can step out of the room into shopping mall paradise with City Square Mall and Komtar JBCC side by side.

A few movies plus desserts at Hui Lau Shan later, and you’ll be a happy camper!

Address of Baguss City Hotel: No-49, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru City Centre

Contact: +607 219 7777