Step Back in Time: The Elizabeth Hotel Review

In the Goodwood Park area of Orchard, you’ll find this Elizabeth Hotel review places the hotel in a similar category. Find out how this hotel stands out among newer ones in the area.

You’ll notice that in an area sporting newer setups such as Yotel and Quincy Hotel, it’s going to be tough attracting the younger crowd here.

First impressions upon stepping into the lobby, the high ceiling, large marble floor tiles complete with the shades of reddish-brown brings us back to the standards that our parents used to associate a classy place with.

Complete with a dangling crystal chandelier, it’s the traditional interior of the Victoria era. Amidst this setting, the newly renovated pantry sticks out like a hasty addition to patch the ageing place up.


The walk to the hotel is mostly unsheltered, from Orchard MRT. You’ll walk through York Hotel, up the slope to reach The Elizabeth Hotel within 15 minutes.

Upon reaching there, you’ll be reluctant to walk out because it’s pretty isolated. That’s where the pantry comes in really useful, with snacks and instant noodles to ensure a happy tummy.

From a high floor, you’ll see yourself surrounded by the old charms of Orchard Road, and a nice view of the irregular shaped pool down below.


The swimming pool isn’t the only odd shaped place around. We got a corner room and it’s got an interest view out the window, as the walkabout video will reveal.

With a decent spread for breakfast, and a Modesto’s on the ground floor, your comfort is in good hands.

The gym has both an air-con and an outdoor area, so that makes for an interesting experience. Especially when you lift weights out in the open air, it feels like you’re at a fitness centre at Millenia Walk.


Our check in experience took longer than expected, as there was a brief moment when no one was tending the 2 counters on the ground floor.

Maybe it happened to be the change of shift, so that took away some magic from this stay.

The hotel provides guests with a Handy mobile phone, so you can stay online and use the internet even without buying a Singapore SIM card. This would be useful for tourists to have.


Manage your expectations when you stay at a traditional place, and you will enjoy what it has to offer accordingly.

The Elizabeth Hotel Review – Room walkabout:

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