Hotel Imperial KL Review

There are many things to do in Kuala Lumpur. Find out why you’d want to stay in Bukit Bintang, starting from this Hotel Imperial KL review.

Visitors to KL stay at 3 areas, Bukit Bintang, Hang Tuah or KLCC. Here’s the hotel on maps.

Activities to do for visitors preferring to do city folk stuff like mall roaming and bar hopping will like Bukit Bintang. Here are things to do.

Hotel Imperial Location

Hotel Imperial is friendly for pedestrians, as it’s minutes away from Exit A of Bukit Bintang MRT station. You will do minimal walking to reach the entrance of the hotel.

While lugging your suitcases, you’ll find yourself at the mercy of touters asking you to visit their massage parlours.

Without cutting across seedy narrow alleys, you’ll have to decline many of these before reaching your destination. Therefore, the shorter the distance to your hotel, the better it is for your wellbeing.

The advantage of Hotel Imperial is that it’s right at the start of the street, so you can find peace quickly.

After putting your stuff down, you are free to walk down Jalan Alor to enjoy the seafood offerings it has for you.

Shisha bars, now a banned commodity in Singapore, still have a place in the list of to-dos in Kuala Lumpur. Catch a glimpse of the billowing puffs of smoke people exhale, even if you don’t intend to smoke.

Also within walking distance are the shopping centres to escape the mid-day heat.

Should you choose to flag a taxi by street hire, you’ll find yourself at an advantage as you will pass by other people waiting for cabs.

But you really should use ride hailing apps in Malaysia, they save you money and energy from haggling.


For its convenient location, you’ll expect to hear noises coming from the bustling eateries down below.

Fortunately, the quality of sleep was pretty decent despite initial worry about the street level noise.

Joys of a heavy sleeper.

The room is spacious for 2 people, that was a pleasant surprise for a city location.

Done up in traditional style, the exterior matches the interior fair and square.

Thankfully, the place doesn’t feel very aged. Because that would bring up a concern for bringing bedbugs back.


This hotel didn’t give us much need to call for service, and that’s a good thing.

The concierge downstairs is a simple counter, complete with the usual racks of brochures for activities you can take part in.

For a better sense of the room, watch the walkabout video below the photo gallery so you can get a feel of what it’s like spending a night here.

Only occasion I thought of calling housekeeping was when I was looking for an ironing board. There’s an iron in the room, but the board was outside at the lift lobby!

Talk about the spirit of sharing, this hotel has everything you need, if only you know where to look.


To live near the convention centre, Royale Chulan is a strategic place. To live near the Chinatown market, Hang Tuah is to place to be at.

For the bustling supper spots, where you can suck on cockles and clank glasses of beer all night with your partner, then Jalan Alor is the place to go. You don’t even incur any transport cost because the hotel is right smack in the thick of the action.

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