Reddoorz Hotel Review Singapore

Not the newest of facilities, but read on to see what value this strategically located place brings to the Katong neighbourhood, in this Reddoorz Hotel Review Singapore.

This hotel has been through a few name changes over the years. From Le Peranakan Hotel in the mid 2010s, to Garden Terrace Hotel when I was staying there. Till today, it’s now called Reddoorz Hotel.

While the condition of the rooms are nothing to rave about, you may still find yourself considering a night here if you have family living nearby and you want a place to crash near them.

Location of Reddoorz Hotel

Public transportation can access this hotel right from the main road, a little walking will get you to your destination.

In the Katong area, you’ll find that a newer player like Village hotel will beat Reddoorz hands down.

The only advantage Reddoorz seems to have is that it’s closer to Fei Fei Wanton noodles, for Singaporeans looking for a strategic place to stay for a night.

And, it’s walking distance to Beach Road Prawn Noodle House. For people living further away, this staycation could be your chance to catch them in the daytime when they operate. Unfortunate that they don’t open for supper.

Comfort at Reddoorz Hotel

You really can’t ask for much if you are walking into a historical site.

Reddoorz Hotel pales in comparison to Amoy Hotel, which arguably has more character despite also being in the historical category.

By historical, it probably means a place that has a reason to maintain a run-down facade and it will attract the specific crowd.

That said, the interior of the hotel is still decent, as you will see in the room walkabout video and photos.

If you survived the Chungking Mansion type of accommodation in Hong Kong, then you will agree that the bathroom here is slightly bigger than that.

You also need to be a heavy sleeper because soundproofing does not have any place here. I could hear the noise from traffic early in the morning, so that could be a dealbreaker if you’re looking for a room to sleep way into the late morning.

Service at Reddoorz Hotel

The hotel was found on Airbnb on one occasion, so it’s hardly surprising that the service leaves you wanting more.

The check-in staff delivers the basic handover of key, briefs you on the breakfast time and venue but that’s pretty much it.

Wait, you read that right.

For a place like this to have breakfast is indeed impressive. The breakfast venue exceeds expectations too, with an open air dining area with privacy.

It feels like you’re eating your breakfast on top of a bungalow, with walls built up so you can hear nature around you without being seen by passersby.

This is comparable to the 5 ft way inn in town, where the eating area makes you want to spend more time than the sleeping area.


After reading this Reddoorz Hotel Review Singapore, it should give you better mental preparation on what to expect should you decide to spend a night here.

Check out the room walkabout video to get a better sense of the sights and sounds around the neighbourhood!