2018 Spartan Race Singapore Review

Read the 2018 Spartan Race Singapore Review to see the changes. It is one-up from the Sprint done a year ago

The Spartan Race had a change in event time this year, from 8 Oct to 13 Oct. We received news months before the event that the date’s changed. The venue has also changed from the forested Tampines Avenue 10  to beachside Sentosa.

Experience from 2018’s Spartan Super Race, for 13km of mayhem:

1. Cancelled Obstacles Because Of Downpour

Shortly after the race started, the rain started pouring down on participants. For us, it was right after descending from the tower. At the throwing spear station, rain drops pelted on those waiting for their turns. 

The rain carried on for most part of the race, affecting visibility along the way. When lightning risk was imminent, many obstacles were shut down.

It was amusing to see marshals lose their cool after repeatedly telling participants that the obstacles were shut down, and they could just do burpees to proceed. But participants carrying Spartan DNA were not ones to avoid obstacles due to a little thunderstorm.

They went ahead anyway and climbed some cargo nets, to the dismay of the marshal. 

2. Much Less Crawling Under Barb Wire

The Spartan race in 2017 had one too many barb wire obstacles, for the Sprint event at least. The obstacles this year had more variety. 

Even the ones that tested strength varied between chains, buckets and iron balls.

3. Water Obstacle By The Beach

One of the obstacles was a swim, something refreshing compared to simply doing the Milo dunk last year.

Spartans can swim to cool down and wash the mud off. If the thunderstorm warning didn’t shut that down by the time we reached there.

4. Running On Mixture Of Sand and Concrete

Compared to running on the trail and concrete, this addition of sand is definitely not a good feeling to have.

You have to fight against spraining your ankle as an additional obstacle for the most part of the race.


The change in venue from the forest to the beach is a welcome one. It feels more like Wipeout than a Bear Grylls episode.

Just that running on sand takes a different type of dedication. While last year’s station ran out of drinks at the first pitstop, this year’s was affected by the rain.

No less than 4 stations were taken down and we walked past them with an unrequited longing. Last I checked, we didn’t sign up for a run by the beach.

The finisher’s area has 2 areas that I particularly like.

1 was a sponsor booth that sells bathroom accessories. And, you get to wash off all the mud using Grohe’s product as a test drive. How’s that for catching you at the right moment?

The other is Brewerkz, with a complimentary beer after the race. It’s the best way to enjoy life by the beach after all.

Download your photos here. It was quite a pain to find.

To wrap up this 2018 Spartan race Singapore review, one thing’s for sure compared with last year – running with company is definitely a better choice!