Family-friendly Suasana Suites Johor Bahru Review

For a family-sized staycation within walking distance to CIQ, explore this Suasana Suites Johor Bahru review now.

Similar stays in Johor include the serviced apartment like Somerset Medini Iskandar. The Suasana Suites is an excellent choice if you’re done with KSL, and would like to stay nearer to the customs. This Suasana Suites Johor Bahru review covers a 52 sqm room on level 30.

For a whole family to fit, you need to look no further than this place. While it does not position itself as a hotel, the amenities are able to meet your lifestyle needs.

With a rooftop pool and gym, along with a well furnished room to provide everything you need under one roof, you may find yourself wanting little more than to chill your time away here.


Suasana Suites JB ranks high among one of the easiest to access from the customs and immigrations building. Its nearest to the Coffee Bean exit of City Square Mall JB. You will want to find the pedestrian crossing before attempting to cross the road.

Baguss hotel is just across the road, while the Suasana Suites will require you to cut across the Zenith building. Take the escalator up and exit from 7-11, on the left is Amari Hotel, Suasana Suites is on the right.

These are the accommodation options that do not require you to take further transportation upon exiting the customs and immigration is building.


The proximity to City Square Mall is a huge plus. You barely walk up a sweat going there to eat and heading back to the comfort of your apartment.

Of course, there’s also the cafe on Level 31, so you don’t even leave the building for your meals.

The sheer size of the apartment will trump most accommodations for the price you pay.

You get a kitchen, dining table, living room, balcony, master bedroom, washroom and a dressing room.

It’s like your condo unit complete with swimming pool and eatery.

The interiors are furnished with quality materials. The sofa is solid, so are the chairs. Your feet are pampered with the soft rug when you’re watching TV on the couch. The blackout curtains do their job to enable a good sleep whatever time of the day you choose to crash.


We arrived earlier than check in time, and the counter staff was friendly when facilitating our baggage deposit.

They could do a little better in expressing themselves so that can guide guests better on the next steps to take, as we felt stranded after she said yes, they can help.

Then nothing happened, and we didn’t know whether to leave the bag on the counter, or follow her to the baggage deposit area. The area is concealed from view, unlike some check in counters where the baggage deposit room is visible from the guests’ point of view.

The service at the cafe is prompt. Sometimes there isn’t anyone tending to guests at the entrance, but venture in and soon enough you will get someone’s attention, under 2 minutes.

We had breakfast at the cafe on level 31, and was most pleased with the service. We got to choose a window view to look towards Singapore, and could provide live traffic updates at the Singapore customs situation if we wanted to.

The price is higher than eating at the mall, but the view is definitely worth the price tag. The cafe is open to all for their Christmas event. That would be a great way to celebrate.

The security officer also offered his help when he noticed us having difficulty entering the gym. Turns out the keycard reader is not found on the door to the gym, but on the pillar some distance away. He also extended a greeting to us the next day when we walked out the lift.

After returning from breakfast, we made a request in person at the check in counter for a late check out, and got an additional hour.


Families can consider booking a place at this nicely furnished apartment, reviewed in December 2018.

The minimal walking distance takes away the need to hire a car, so if you are living in Woodlands or Kranji and would like to get away from it all… You’re just a bus ride away!

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