Mandarin Orchard Hotel Review


We stayed a night at Mandarin Orchard Hotel for our wedding anniversary and left with 1 regret. Find out what it is by reading this Mandarin Orchard Hotel review.  

2018 Spartan Race Singapore Review


Read the 2018 Spartan Race Singapore Review to see the changes. It is one-up from the Sprint done a year ago.  The Spartan Race had a change in event time this year, from 8 Oct to 13 Oct. We received news months before the event that the date’s changed. The...

Step Back in Time: The Elizabeth Hotel Review


In the Goodwood Park area of Orchard, you’ll find this Elizabeth Hotel review places the hotel in a similar category. Find out how this hotel stands out among newer ones in the area. You’ll notice that in an area sporting newer setups such as Yotel and Quincy Hotel, it’s going...

Station-To-Station Hopping: A BlueSG Review 2018


With ride hailing apps already on our mobile devices, and car rental options on Carousell, is there any advantage to using a point-to-point car rental service like BlueSG? Read this BlueSG review to see if it’ll fit your usage needs.

Perfect For the Urban Explorer: Yotel Review Singapore Orchard


Drawn to the spanking new staycation venue in town? This Yotel review Singapore Orchard will show you everything you can expect, to pamper you and your partner silly. The affordable hotel that just opened its doors in Oct 2017 may come across as many things – co-working space, poké bowl...

Spartan Race Singapore 2017 Review


If you ever wondered whether Singaporean males are grateful for having National Service to kickstart a lifetime of dedication to fitness, this Spartan Race Singapore 2017 review may just give you a hint. Throughout the 5km sprint route with all the people who challenged themselves to clear all 20 obstacles,...

Best Badminton Court For SAFRA Members In Singapore


Do you love playing badminton? If you want to know what is the best badminton court for Singaporeans who happen to be SAFRA members, you must check out this review complete with pictures. There are 3 courts for badminton at the moment for badminton enthusiasts at SAFRA. If you like spending your...

Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant Review – The Unexpected Discovery In Woodlands Waterfront Park You Never Knew Existed


Some know it by the official name of Rasa Istimewa, which should bring out some special feeling when you’re feasting on seafood there. Read the Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant Review to see how it will make a regular customer out of you… especially if you live in the Northern part...

SAFRA Toa Payoh BBQ Pit Review – Newest But Is It The Bestest?


Would you want to have your next gathering at the SAFRA Toa Payoh BBQ pit? Check the pictures to make a decision if Pit 1 or 2 suits you best. Spoiler alert: Pit 2 is better. Find out why.

Quincy Hotel Singapore Staycation Review


Find out if you’ll like the look and feel of spending a night or two at the Quincy Hotel Singapore Staycation from my review.